Jonsbo U2

Hello and welcome to the review of the Jonsbo U2 mITX case. This case is made by a company called Jonsbo, but may be rebranded depending on the country that you live in. In the USA, the brand is Rosewill, and in Sweden the brand is Cooltek. This case comes in a variety of colours – Red, silver and of course the black that we have here today. You can also find these cases with – or without a windowed side panel. We will be looking at the windowed version in this review.

Jonsbo U2 (16)

Specifications direct from

Case Type HTPC / ITX
Form Factor Motherboard Mini-ITX
Form Factor PSU ATX
3.5 inch drive bay internal 1 x
2,5″ inch drive bay internal 2 x
Case fans (front) 1 x 120 mm (optional)
Case fans (rear) 1 x 120 mm
Height x Width x Depth 331 x 208 x 233 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
Material 2,0 / 1,5 mm aluminium
Maximum height of CPU coolers 175 mm
Maximum length of VGA cards 220 mm
Code 4250140364456
Manufacturer number JB U2 K-W

Let’s get the tour started!


The packaging is just your normal brown box with black text and no other colours. This means that it is recyclable for those of you who are looking to do your part for the environment. Specifications can be found on the back, as well as a little history about the engineers that helped develop this case.

Jonsbo U2 (2)

Inside the box we see these extras. A few screws for HDD’s, SSD’s, rubber grommits for HDD’s, zip ties and lastly an installation manual.

Jonsbo U2 (3)

The case comes packaged inside a protective plastic bag which helps stop dust, fingerprints and light scratches from the cases surfaces. The case and bag are secured inside the shipping box with a protective foam. The foam is sturdy and is perfectly fitted to the case.

Jonsbo U2 (5)

The front side of the case is very stylish. There is just one button which is the on off switch, and the USB3.0, headphone and mic jacks.

Jonsbo U2 (4)

Notice that there is brushed aluminium here on the back panel. This panel is not removable.

Jonsbo U2 (6)

The windowed side. This panel is removable. The plexiglass is held onto the panels with a series of white plastic tabs. Not the best looking solution in my opinion, and something that can be improved on.

Jonsbo U2 (7)

The back panel. Note that this case can take a full ATX PSU, and a 2 slot cooler GPU. The maximum length of the GPU is just 220mm, so have this in mind when choosing this case or components. The maximum motherboard size is format mITX.

Jonsbo U2 (8)

The underside of this case shows some mounting options for 2x SSDs or 1x 3.5″ HDD and 1x SSD. Great storage space if you are considering this case for a NAS or HTPC.

Jonsbo U2 (9)

The inside of the case shows us a drive cage on the right wall where a 1x 3.5″ HDD or even a 120mm fan can be mounted. The various cables are for the front IO connections (USB3.0, 3.5mm jacks) and some fan connections at the left of the case for a high/low speed fan controller. Nice option if you choose to have a silent machine, but still have that extra power to provide additional cooling for your components.

Jonsbo U2 (10)

Here you see a close up of the 3.5″ bay/120mm fan bracket. A nice touch is the black connector for the USB3.0 ports for those going for a colour themed build.

Jonsbo U2 (11)

2 PCI-E brackets and the 2 step fan controller. Please note that the brushed aluminium finish is present even here.

Jonsbo U2 (12)

The 120mm fan placement.

Jonsbo U2 (13)

The single button on the front of the case, which is lit with a blue LED. That brushed aluminium though! Oh my…

Jonsbo U2 (14)

A close up of the USB3.0 and 3.5mm jacks. Nice and simple. Ties in nicely with the overall design.

Jonsbo U2 (15)

And to top it all off, the feet are made from aluminum, plastic, and a rubber sole to help with resonance.

So what is our modding opinion?

All in all, this case has a very nice build finish, and is incredibly light. But with this said, it has very poor cooling options with just one fan as an exhaust, and the option to install just another fan as intake. Now there are no resellers of just this particular case here in Sweden. But if you live in Europe you can find the case at

There isn’t too much which can be modded to this Jonsbo U2 if you are looking to maintain the sleek looks which is nice conveyed within this classic design. If I were to mod in this case, I would consider drilling holes in the front panel to accommodate 2x120mm or even 2x140mm fans. But with this said, you might want to consider an SFX PSU from Silverstone so that there are no clearance issues between the PSU and fans. Watercooling is not so much of an option within this case unfortunately guys due to restrictions. If you were to have an external radiator set up, then it is possible. If you are after a LAN machine, then you will have to stick with air cooling guys. All of these panels though are screaming for some custom engraving, or even LED backlit channels/design cut into them. If I were looking to make my project stand out from the rest, then I see this entire case as just a massive blank canvas ready to be blinged up.

69.99€ at


  • Lightweight with all aluminium construction
  • Stunning looks with minimalistic design
  • Supports full ATX power supply


  • No support for long GPUs
  • Bad airflow with little fan support

All aluminium case with really high build quality at a good price. Great if you don’t need the longest graphics cards.

My name is Justin ”MetallicAcid” Ohlsen and I write reviews and articles for Minimalistic PC’s. If you want to see my projects check out my facebook-page, MetallicAcid Custom PC’s.